Middlesex 3 is an ideal location in Massachusetts to live and work. Centered geographically within 15 miles of both Boston and Nashua, NH, the area’s location and infrastructure have enabled Middlesex 3 to attract high-quality and diverse businesses to the area.  The area has abundant and relatively low-cost real estate and a business-friendly climate. Our  communities work closely with the business community to provide resources and streamline the permitting process.

Employees work in hundreds of companies and diverse industries throughout Middlesex 3. These industries include:

  • Biotech, Medical Devices & Life Sciences
  • Defense & Homeland Security
  • Health Services
  • Environmental Technology & Clean Energy
  • Financial and Insurance

  • Engineering & Consulting Services
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Devices
  • Advanced Materials
  • Educational Institutions

A Hotspot for Robotics

Middlesex 3 communities have become a hotspot for the emerging Robotics technology industry.  UMass Lowell recently opened the NERVE Center to improve the development of robotic systems by both academic researchers and corporations by facilitating  evaluation throughout the design cycle.  Click Here for a map of Robotics companies in Middlesex 3 communities and surrounding municipalities (October 2013).

Life Sciences Beyond Cambridge

The Middlesex 3 Corridor has attracted a growing number of Biotechnology and Life Science companies in recent years. Click here to see a map of Life Sciences companies that call Middlesex 3 their home (November 2012).

Major Industries and Associated Businesses Include:

Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Educational Services

Defense & Homeland Security

Health Services

Environmental & Clean Energy

Financial, Insurance, Engineering Consulting Services

  • Enterprise Bank & Trust Co.
  • Fay, Spofford & Thondike Inc.
  • Fred C. Church Inc.
  • JP Morgan
  • Mabbett & Associates Inc.
  • MFA-Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico
  • LLP Parexel Consulting
  • American Science & Engineering, Inc.

Information Technology

Advanced Materials

Medical Devices


  • Hologic Inc.
  • InfraReDx Inc.
  • LeMaitre Vascular Inc.
  • Palomar Medical Technology
  • Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Zoll Medical Corp
  • Insulet Corporation
  • Beckton Dickinson and Company
  • Nova BioMedical

Colleges and Universities